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Matt Gaetz for Congress


  • Total File = 54,100
  • $5+ L18 = 9,700


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email
  • $5/M Geo

*This list is Rental only


Matt Gaetz’s donors support traditional conservative values and candidates that stand to protect those fundamental principles.

  • Huck PAC
  • Heritage Action for America
  • Young America’s Foundation
  • Hillsdale College 
  • Secure America Now
  • Marco Rubio for Senate 
  • Stand for America
  • American Conservative Union
  • Seal PAC 
  • Scott Perry for Congress

Sample required with all orders and commission of 20% to all recognized brokers. Pricing and selects are subject to reciprocal charges. Contact Sydney Woodward for any additional information.