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Martha McSally for Senate


  • Total File = 199,00
  • $5+ L36 = 9,700


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email
  • $5/M Geo


A retired Colonel in the United States Air Force, Martha McSally began her political career in 2014. While serving in the House and later, the Senate, Martha fought to secure our borders, support our veterans, and lower healthcare costs.

The first female fighter pilot to ever fly in combat and the first female to command a fighter squadron in combat, Martha McSally takes a no-holds barred approach to defending America. As a down-the-line Republican, Martha McSally’s list is ripe for any Republican or conservative mailer who cares about national defense issues, or securing our liberty.

These donors are 100% patriotic, in favor of gaining operational control of the southern border, and want to secure American freedom by fighting terrorism overseas, not here at home.

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