Vitter for US Senate


  • Total File: 24,755
  • $5+/L36: 2,426


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email


  • Young Americas Foundation
  • Bill Cassidy for Congress
  • Friends of Rob Maness
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Toomey for Senate
  • Mark Neumann for Senate
  • ACU Strikeforce
  • National Draft Ben Carson for President
  • CRNC



Senator David Vitter is a fiscal and social conservative dedicated to ending the massive influx of illegal immigration and preserving America’s sovereignty from the power grabs of the United Nations. As the first-ever Republican elected by popular vote in Louisiana, Senator Vitter’s appeal to conservatives is widespread. His direct mail solicitations run the full spectrum of the conservative cause, from the right to life to the 2nd Amendment, from lower taxes to balancing the budget, from winning the War on Terror to preserving our sovereignty. His donors are sophisticated, motivated, and unquestionably loyal to the conservative cause.

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Data Card Updated 02/25/16