TEA Party Firebrands


  • Total File  236,650
  • $5+/L24  9,104
  • $5+/L36  23,085


  • $135/M
  • $35/F Email


TEA Party Firebrands is a national donor list of conservatives who aren’t afraid to put their money where their mouth is to defeat big government boondoggles like ObamaCare or to advance the Reagan conservative principles of faith, family, and a strong national defense.

These donors represent the most reliable conservative donors who have given to national conservative leaders like Michele Bachmann and others.  This active list of supporters is one of the most highly coveted and top performing on the market today.

These donors are motivated to support outspoken conservatives and candidates who strongly align with the TEA Party movement that propelled Republicans to strong U.S. House Majorities in 2010 and again in 2012.

This list quickly ballooned to over 100,000 active donors.



  • NRSC
  • Steve Lonegan for Senate
  • Freedom’s Defense Fund
  • Rand Paul for Senate
  • Tom Emmer for Congress
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Ted Cruz for Senate
  • Hillsdale College
  • Tea Party Express
  • Annette Boswell for Senate

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Data Card Updated 02/25/16