Elect Sheriff Joe Arpaio


  • Total File $5+ 145,000
  • $5+/L12 40,700


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email


Illegal Immigration and Border Security are cornerstone issues in American politics today. And Sheriff Joe Arpaio is easily the most recognizable national conservative leader on these critical issues. The generosity of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s supporters is motivated by a deep desire to stem the tide of illegal drug and human trafficking across the United States border with Mexico. These donors are economically and socially conservative. So whether your cause is illegal immigration or curbing the growth of government, this list is absolutely MUST HAVE for your conservative candidate or organization!

  • Special Operations for America
  • Friends of Pat Toomey
  • Republican Victory Fund
  • Madison Project
  • Federation for American Immigration Reform
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Zinke for Congress
  • Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund
  • US English
  • United American Patriots

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Data card updated 01/28/2016