Martha McSally for Congress


  • $5+/L12 17,230


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email


Martha McSally is the #1 Republican target of President Obama and his liberal Democrat allies for 2016. A retired Colonel in the United States Air Force, Martha McSally won her first race for Congress by a razor thin margin of 167 votes.

The first female fighter pilot to ever fly in combat and the first female to command a fighter squadron in combat, Martha McSally takes a no-holds barred approach to defending America.

These donors are 100% patriotic, in favor of gaining operational control of the southern border, and want to secure American freedom by fighting terrorism overseas, not here at home.

As a down-the-line Republican, Martha McSally’s list is ripe for any Republican or conservative mailer who cares about national defense issues, or securing our liberty.



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