Friends of Joe Heck


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Friends of Joe Heck is the fastest growing political list on the market and will be for all of 2016!

Dr. Joe Heck is a U.S. Congressman who is also a Brigadier General in the United States Army Reserve. With three active duty tours, including one to Iraq, this list is comprised of patriotic donors who love the U.S. Military and loathe the current incumbent Democrat Senator, Harry Reid.

This list is built from 100% direct mail solicitations based on conservative principles of defeating ISIS, rebuilding the U.S. Military, defending traditional family values, and balancing the federal budget.

This is a national fundraising list.

  • Republican Victory Fund
  • Friends of Pat Toomey
  • Charles Faddis for Congress
  • Black Republican Fund
  • Special Operations Speaks PAC
  • Stop Hillary Now
  • Freedom Defense Fund
  • Zinke for Congress
  • Brian Mast for Congress
  • American Sovereignty Project
  • Veterans Against Hillary
  • Hispanic Republican Fund


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Data card updated 01/20/2016