Allen West Guardian Fund


  • Total File  35,614
  • $5+/L24 18,300



  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email



Founded by Lt. Colonel Allen West, the Allen West Guardian Fund raises money to support military and minority conservatives running for elective office.

This list is comprised of ardent supporters of the Lt. Col. Allen West’s agenda.  Our donors are focused on fighting the Obama agenda and creating jobs that grow the economy, energy independence, ending illegal immigration, and saving social security.  These supporters have proven repeatedly that they are willing to stand up and support these vital issues and make America stronger.

This list is a must test for your next conservative mailer!


  • Special Operations for America
  • SarahPAC
  • Judicial Watch
  • Leadership Institute
  • The Tea Party Patriots
  • Tea Party Express
  • Citizens United
  • Young America’s Foundation
  • Heritage Foundation
  • American Conservative Union
  • Draft Ben Carson for President
  • Freedomworks, Inc
  • Reagan Ranch YAF

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Data card updated 02/22/2017