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Duncan Hunter for Congress


  • Total File = 20,600
  • $5+/0-18 = 11,800
  • $5+/0-24 = 20,600


  • $130/M
  • $35/F Email


This list is comprised of donors who contributed to Duncan Hunter’s Congressional campaign. They support traditional conservative values and candidates that stand to protect those fundamental principles.

These supporters are the solid base of conservatism and have demonstrated their willingness and ability to support the causes dear to them. They back the military, Second Amendment rights, tax cuts, and eliminating wasteful government spending. This is a must try for your next mailing!


  • American Majority
  • Conservative Partnership Institute
  • Heritage Foundation
  • Ashley Hinson for Congress
  • Lee Zeldin for Congress
  • Seal PAC

Sample required with all orders and commission of 20% to all recognized brokers. Pricing and selects are subject to reciprocal charges. Contact Sydney Woodward for any additional information.

Data card updated 02/01/21